Musée National Fernand Léger



June  2010

client: Workshop Dialogues in Design – Biot – France
field: monographic museum

During the workshop, Massimo Vignelli and Armando Milani gave us the assignment of designing the logo and the image coordination for the Musée National Fernand Léger in Biot, Provence.

The logo recalls some recurrent traits of the works of Fernand Leger. The colour, which supports the definition of the individual elements is decisive, lively, vivid, well contained inside the figure’s borders – primary, unblurred. We caught the peculiarities of Leger’s work, which takes after the products of the industrial society, machines, objects and the geometrical features, transforming them in clear and structured compositions.




Testo di spiegazione in sovraimpressione

June 2010 | Client: Workshop Dialogues in Design | Sector: monographic museum

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