Stand Alone Persuasive Presentations

Change is Healthy

Presentation are about change.
Businesses, and indeed all professions, have to change and adapt in order to stay alive.
The innovative vision for tomorrow will be the ordinary world of today,
so any organization need to introduce changes or will eventually wither.

Persuasive Presentations are about Change

Change is healthy indeed, but making a change is not easy
and innovators often meet with resistance from more conservative colleagues and stakeholders or investors.

People often make difficult in imagining changes, and risks may be more evident then opportunities in their eyes.

The main task of a persuasive presentation is to highlight the new idea

and help the audience to see all their opportunities eventually leading them to cross the threshold and embrace the new.

Stories convey Meaning.

Ever since humans first sat around campfire, stories have been told to create emotional connections.

Stories also served as containers of information.
Stories are the most powerful delivery tool for information, more powerful and enduring than any other art form.

Information is static, stories are dynamic – they help an audience visualize what you do or what you believe.

Tell a story and people will be more engaged and receptive to the ideas you are communicating.

Stories link one person’s heart to another. Values, beliefs, and norms become intertwined. When this happens, your idea can more readily manifest as reality in their minds.

Persuasive Presentations are visual Stories, presentations that stay the course and change your audience’s mind.